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2022 The Year For Adventures

  1. Visit Siri Waterfall in Gaua | At 120 metres tall, the Siri Waterfall claims the title of the highest in the South Pacific.
    Enjoy a leisurely swim at the foot of the pounding cascades and a picnic lunch before starting the walk home. The 8
    hour return trek will take you through coconut plantations, local gardens and in and out of rivers.
  1. Kayak through the rainforest | One of the best ways to experience the rainforest is to paddle along the waterways that snake through them. Choose between a traditional canoe or a modern kayak and glide along to the soundtrack of birdsong.
  2. Experience Kastom & Culture | Kastom and culture is the heart of Vanuatu’s identity and our traditions have guided the ni-Vanuatu way of life for generations. A visit to a cultural village experience is a must. Events are a great way to get to know the place, stories, people and traditions. In 2022, you can visit the Rom Mask Dance, Maskelyne Canoe Race and many more similar cultural events.
  3. Lunch at Port Olry Santo | From Kayaking to snorkelling around the nearby reefs and islands to enjoying a long and leisurely lunch in a local beachside hut, Port Ory makes for a memorable day out.
  1. Land diving (Nangol), Pentecost Island | Land diving or Nangol, is the predecessor to modern bungee jumping, and every Saturday from April to June you can witness the men of Pentecost Island leaping from wooden towers with just a vine around their ankles. This incredible ritual is a big part of the Pentecost culture and an unmissable sight.
  2. Giant Banyan Tree, Tanna | Nobody knows how old the Giant Banyan really is, as it was already ancient when Captain Cook landed on Tanna in 1774. But it’s an amazing sight, 80 metres high and over 100 metres wide,
    surrounded by dangling roots that snake out into the surrounding jungle. Join a 4WD tour from Lenakel to the little village of Leitouapam – around 10 minutes away – where you will meet the locals who own the Banyan.