Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is truly a spectacular sight for the keen explorer. Located approximately 20-30mins outside of Port Vila on the East of the Efate Island, this hdden gem is a great place to spend either an afternoon there or a quick 30 minute road stop break as you make your way around the Island.

Make sure you pack a picnic c=basket and a few snacks or if you don’t want that stress, you ‘ll be pleased to know that there is a small shop at Blue Lagoon that sells cold drinks and snacks.

The local people love to show off their home and will often join you for a swim om the rope. So make sure if you’re visiting Vanautu check out Blue Lagoon.

There are bus tours that can take you there. CLICK HERE and check out the fun offers. You can also read a blog post from Jake Fishman  who wrote a good piece about blue lagoon. Click here.

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