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Jewel Casino

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Enjoy The Thrill Of The High Life

The latest addition to Iririki Island Resort & Spa is the brand new Jewel Casino. The casino features 4 Main Gaming Floor tables, 2 VIP Private Area Tables and 20 state of the art slots machine in a sound proof Private Slot room. For entertainment we offer a Karaoke and Sports lounge, VIP Lounge and also Jewel Lounge & Bar for exclusive Jewel Casino guests.

What makes Jewel Casino exceptionally different from the rest are the revolutionary concepts in casino gambling offered. While we offer all the conventional and popular games of blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette and so forth, we also feature a double ended American Roulette table and a blackjack table located within shallow beach water. Explore the high life at Jewel Casino.

Explore Vanuatu’s newest and most revolutionary casino

Iririki Island Resort
  • Lini Highway,
  • Port Vila, Vanuatu.
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+61 3 9326 6579