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Chasing Waterfalls

When deciding on your next holiday spot, make sure to put Maewo on the top of your list. When you first approach Maewo, you’ll find that both coastlines are covered with black sand beaches and dense rainforest, giving the island a distinctive look. At its highest point, this island sits at 795m above sea level, and is thin and rugged, stretching 47km long and only 6 km wide. Rivers and waterfalls are abundant owing to Maewo’s mountainous central chain, providing the perfect opportunity for visitors to go on a waterfall chasing journey. We’ve listed some of these tours and waterfalls below to give you a taste of what this island has to offer.

Maewo is also home to some of the best anchorages for yachts. A yacht club is located in Asanvari village in south Maewo, attracting many visitors who come not only to experience the area’s famous waterfalls, but also the Magas underwater cave, the bat cave tour, the Moon cave tour, canoe fishing, snorkelling,and local bamboo band, just to name a few of the local (noncascade) attractions. A good place to start your chasing waterfall itinerary is Lavoa Cascade. The Lavoa Cascade located is a 10 minutes’ walk from Asanvari village along the beach and coast. You can see the waterfall from the village. The price is Vt1,500 per person including entrance fee and waterfall tour which includes a stop at a lovely pool on top of the waterfall, a stop at a lookout overlooking Ansanvari Bay and village and back to the waterfall where you can also lounge by the bar area and take in the sunsets. To book, call 5434495.

While you are off chasing waterfalls in the south of the island, a stop at the incredible Moon Cave, located just 15 minutes from Narovorovo, is a mustsee (and while not a waterfall, it’s still wet!) The price is Vt1,500 per person including the boat transfer. We highly recommend you pack a GoPro or a waterproof camera, as the trip through the cave in the boat will leave you in awe. Heading north, on the one-hour boat ride from Naone, North Maewo to Asanvari, South Maewo, ask your boat skipper to stop off at one of the more than 25 waterfalls that you will spot along the way!

Be sure to schedule a visit to Naone Waterfall when you arrive in north Maewo. This waterfall is 20m high and located just a 15-20 minute walk from Naone village through stunning water taro fields. You can swim in the main pool at the foot of the waterfall or jump off the top of the waterfall. The price per person is Vt1,000. To book, call 5355246.