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Customer Promotions

Dear Valued Customers,

If you have a monthly subscription to Wotz On your subscription includes regular promotions & updates. What does this include?

  • Staff visit to your store to gather information & pictures for your promotion or update
  • Creating artworks/ poster for your promotion
  • Uploading of your ads / special promotion to Wotz On Vanuatu. com
  • Sharing & boosting of your promotion on the Wotz On Vanuatu .com social network (Facebook & Instagram)

This service is especially useful for Easter, Christmas, Mothers Day etc. Your promotions will reach as many as 20,000 people.

To call on this great service feature email us at or reply to the email reminders that will be sent to your business email prior to upcoming holidays or key promotion dates. Subscribed customers should also get a monthly reminder email just in case you need content or product updates!