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Escape To Enchanting Emae

Landing on Emae, you are greeted by goats and cows grazing outside of the terminal. As soon as you set foot on the grass runway, you will feel the presence of the island, buzzing with mystery and awe. Your local tour guide will welcome you with a huge grin, which you will soon learn is the norm on Emae island. Just 20 minute’s drive from the airport, Emae Sunset Bungalow in Marae Village sits on the edge of a beach with clear views across to epi island and Cook’s Reef in the distance.

It is the ideal spot for snorkelling and also gives access to a half-day trek to the Sasaki Hill lookout. A nearby kastom site is also home to local legend, Sina. Crab dinners are the norm here, easily found among the rocks. Guests will never go hungry on a visit to Emae. The price to stay is Vt2,000 per night including all meals. To book, call 5691407.

Emae Freshwind Bungalow in Tongamea village is nestled between the stunning slope of an old volcano and the sapphire waters. The sunsets here are phenomenal. Like its name, the fresh breeze and secluded nature of its location will surely lull visitors into forgetting life outside Emae. There are two different sleeping options to choose from: you can pick from two different single room bungalows or the newer, more modern family dormitorytype bungalow which is situated on a beautiful white sand beach, and looks out to the islands of Makira and Mataso (and if really clear, to Nguna, Emau and even Efate!) Two single rooms and one family dormitory are available at Vt2,000/person/night and Vt500/ person/meal.
To book, call 7746981/5251154.

Nambuawia Bungalows has up to 10 rooms available, with just a 5-minute walk to a breathtaking beach, home to a pod of cheeky dolphins who love to frolic with locals and visitors in the sea just off the reef. Vanuatu’s longest beach in Vanuatu is nearby – an incredible 14 km long! When you go swimming at sunset on this beach, you will not be disappointed by the show of colours at dusk. Standing on the edge of this beach, you can drink in the view along the white powdery sand and across to Mataso and Makira islands. On your return from your sunset swim, you will be greeted with a feast of mouth-watering local kakai cooked up by your host James. 10 rooms available at Vt2,500/person/night inclusive of all meals & airport transfer – Vt1,500/ one way. To book, call 5353655.

Whether you are an adventurous soul or someone who is looking for a quick getaway just to relax, Emae island is a must-visit destination within our very own borders.

Air Vanuatu flies to Emae weekly on Wednesdays. Adult return fares from Port Vila are Vt12,610, 2-11 years Vt8,970 return, and infant return fares are Vt1,270.
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