Fung Kuei

Most Visited Duty Free Store in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Fung Kuei, more frequently known as the yellow building, remains as the top destination for duty free shoppers to go to in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

 Fung Kuei offers the largest selection of duty free goods ranging from alcohol to sporting shoes such as Nike and Skechers in Vanuatu. We are the preferred destination by international travellers for the cheapest duty free goods. If you’re in town and looking to buy your duty free, Fung Kuei is the store to visit.

Only located 7 minutes away from the International Airport and Wharf, Fung Kuei is located towards the northern end of town. Our store has air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, seating and friendly staff to make your visit at Fung Kuei pleasant and enjoyable.