Jewel Casino – Iririki Island Resort & Spa

Jewel Casino

Take your happy snaps at the Ocean Blackjack or even inside the Casino itself. Jewel casino is designed to entertain, not to stress. Jewel is fun gambling at its unique and professional best.

 Blackjack in the Ocean – Only Casino in the world!

Roulette Wagering at both ends of the Wheel – Comfort and Stress Free

Note Acceptor and Ticket Pay Slots – Vanuatu’s first

Bright and Light Gaming Floor – That’s what a tropical Island is about

Karaoke   Jewel hosts private parties in a confidential soundproofed room highlighted with magnificent decor. The state of the art system provides tunes from every era and every corner of the Globe.

Music  Whether it Live Jazz from Noumea or our Sonos System laid back easy listening, Jewel soothes jangled nerves created through the hustle bustle of city living.

Coffee Shop/Cocktail Lounge 

Special sporting events on the large TV screens.jewel casino

Bonus Jewel Casino Chip
(VT 2,500)

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