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Lava Lounge

lava lounge

Vanuatu’s first dedicated lounge bar, to meet up, catch up and just chill out. The Lava Lounge landing with Iririki Island in the back ground. A place where  you can relax and enjoy the breathtaking sunset.

lava lounge lava lounge lava lounge

We have different meals everyday, always delicious and fresh. Our menu varieties from a wide range of tasty entrees and amazing desserts. Beer always cold and pizza hot and tasty. Pizza are delicious spiced green mango and tzaziki also Spicy prawn, Lamb & Tzaziki, Prosciutto.

lava lounge lava lounge lava lounge

Sick of UHT long life milk in your coffee? Well have it with the real deal here at Lava Lounge.  Our coffee is made only with Azure Pure Water, Tanna coffee beans (freshly ground per cup) and now fresh full cream milk flown in from New Zealand to make up the holy trinity of coffee ingredients.

If you really love your coffee then come join us any day after 10am for a fix here at Lava Lounge, the home of premium coffee.

lava lounge lava lounge

 Check out our new Kavalava cocktail with the all new Black Honey thanks to Cam & James at The Kava Emporium. If you don’t know much about Black Honey, it combines their famous 100% pure kava lactone resin (think concentrated kava) with Vanuatu honey, blending the best of Vanuatu natural produce to make something that redefines what kava is all about! Just swing by for a Kavalava here at Lava Lounge and try it for yourself.
lava lounge lava lounge
There is also live music and entertainment from bands and popular music singers all over Port Vila. Bands like Dropvkal Groove Band
and popular music artist like Prince Philip.
Live music playing every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.
lava lounge lava lounge lava lounge
*Click images below for daily events
lava lounge    lava lounge