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Navara Restaurant

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Vanuatu lives in synergy with Coconuts as they provide trade and food. However, although everyone in the world thinks they know what a Coconut is, confusion does exist as to whether it is a fruit, seed or a nut! Well it is not a nut. It is, in fact, a seed. A seed which eventually develops into a Coconut tree, before it does it is called a ‘Navara’.

Since opening in 2004, Multi Award winning Coconut Palms Resort has been lucky to work with a variety of Executive Chefs from around the world. Each have offered exciting contributions to our Menu utilising local wholesome ingredients. The result, is a wide array of culinary flavours and dish types from Vanuatu Steak, Fish & Lobster through to classical Italian gourmet. The Italian traditional selections include both pasta and pizza recipes that have been passed down for many generations.

Also traditional, is our unique range of Vanuatu Tapas which is a world first for Vanuatu Dining. Already the subject of glossy international Magazine feature articles, the Menu glorifies traditional Melanesian recipes from around the island nation. The dishes are purely traditional or completely new creations developed over a six month project that included outstanding local Vanuatu Chefs that concluded with the Tapa’s Blong Vanuatu launch on Jamie Oliver’s World Food Day.

We source our produce locally and try to have as much organic items on the menu from our very own plantation as well as other local organic farmers.


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Click here to view our Menu

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We do Take Away Pizzas too. Click the above link to see our Pizza Menu.

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