Pentecost land diving tour experience

Pentecost land diving tour experience
The Pentecost Land diving tour experience.
Did you see the Pentecost land diving this year? If not plan to go see it next year with a day trip, flight, transfers & lunch included.
The Pentecost land diving tour (runs from March to June) has to be witnessed to be believed.
The story of why the jump is performed every year is revealed. The whole village gets involved & is present. The jumpers work their way up different levels eventually getting to the top. There are about 20 jumps altogether per tour.
Men, women & children not jumping are singing & dancing in chorus to inspire the jumpers.
Watching the locals jumping from a tower made from only bamboo, stick & vines is surreal to say the least. These guys are the real deal.
Your tour includes refreshments & lunch & a tour guide to answer your many questions.
On the way home fly over beautiful cooks reef & if you are lucky get a glimpse of the lava sea inside Ambrym’s active volcano.
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