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In the 21st Century, Vanuatu has evolved in the art of music with melodramatic improvements in musical forms and styles. Like a painting in an art gallery which can lure you with its visual exquisiteness is impartially compared to a singer or performer on stage.

with melodramatic improvements in musical forms and styles. Like a painting in an art gallery which can lure you with its visual exquisiteness is impartially compared to a singer or performer on stage.

There’s a saying that goes “music soothes the savage beast.” That is most accurately true, music can calm and neutralize a person in ways not possible by a lengthy nap. In theory, it has been said that certain type of music holds the power to elevate a person’s mood above worries and can also relieve depression.

We may not understand the words of a song but instead we recognize the expression of its musical beauty and the message it renders.

In terms of evolving, our Music Industry has set its core on Industrial Hip-hop – a fusion genre of industrial music and hiphop. Yes, we are still fond of reggae and hot Jamaican beat tracks, but ever since then, we have become more accustomed to conveying music through rap. Rapping is a musical form of vocal delivery that merges “rhyme, rhythmic speech and street

Rap is usually delivered over a beat, normally provided by a DJ, turntablist or a beatboxer. Artistically, rap subsists between speech, prose, poetry and singing. Hip-hop music is so narrowly associated with rap that writers use the term – interchangeably.

In hip-hop music, DJs may create beats using percussion breaks, basslines and other musical content sampled from pre-existing cords. Rappers use these beats to rap over.

From our generation of artists, we have incredible people who in their line of work has made it achievable to create and produce music for our liking. DJ Tuff Tumas, DJ Equalix and Lexar eatdown are amongst these prodigious people working with Smol Vilij Productions (a music production created by Tujah) .

People state that rap music makes them more energetic and happy because it induces dancing and movement. In the beginning, hip-hop culture was built with five foundational elements – Mcing, DJing, Breakdance, Graffiti and Knowledge. DJing (aural) – This was a newfound manipulation of sounds that was used to create music.

The innovative breaks and isolation of the percussive beat was what gave hip hop its initial rise. MCing (oral) – Manifested from the social conditions of the time. This form of poetic and “verbal acrobatics” was derived from ancient African culture and oral tradition. Also known as “rapping” this element removed the veil that isolated the wider culture from the social conditions of many underserved urban communities.

The rapid-fire wordplay, spoke the truth of stories that weren’t being told and gave rise to a new urban narrative. Breakdance (physical) – Breaking can be described as “poetry in motion”. Its acrobatics style with influences of gymnastics, Capoeira, martial arts and other cultural influences speaks to the innovative wave ushered in by hip hop culture. Graffiti (visual) – This is one of the most controversial of the elements. As most graffiti artist leave their artwork in public places and “tag” it by leaving their names.

We can see this art form’s widespread integration with bursts of energy and vibrancy on buildings throughout the cities. Knowledge (mental) – This element is the thread that weaves all the other elements together. It refers to the Afro-diasporic mix of spiritual and political consciousness designed to empower members of oppressed groups.

On the road to rising fame, young emerging artists spawned from the shadows of our music legends only to have their share of the spotlight and to showcase their raw talent of singing and rapping.

Damian Mobbs A.K.A Tuff Tumas is a well-admired DJ and producer for Havamu Productions who shared his impression on the new generations of artists arising in the Music Industry. “Its great seeing the younger guys playing a more different tune,” said Damian “We’re hearing more locally produced songs with slangs and bislama that has a more indigenous island style to it.

These young artists carry a different aroma of energy and are super hungry to get out there and be noticed by the people. “They connect more better with the audience with their songs that has become the center
stage of attention and you hear it everywhere, from the radio, in clubs and on the streets.”

During their recent fundraiser show organised by Smol Vilij Productions at the Cultural Center was a crowd puller, showcasing a number of amazing performances starring talented artists: Yosh Shing, Milly Dham, Metoxide,
Paytax, Tujah, Kymvn-J3h, Fezzel, Youngky, Critics and Boyderaz.

Gifted Singer Bobby Shing A.K.A Tujah who owned Smol Vilij Productions said they are planning another show at the end of November to play at Santo and on early December to run a show at Port Vila. The Smol Vilij Productions and Club Lit also co-hosted the eminent show – Stret Size Show,
which was featured on September at Club Lit by staging all the young

These new generation of performers – Kymvn-J3h, Fezzel, Youngky Raa, Critics and Boyderaz has illuminated the stage with vibrant music that has livened up the crowd all night. “The audience was overwhelmed and the turn-out was amazing,” commented Damian “There was a good vibe that night, with the youngsters doing their thing, it was also their first
performances and it was definitely worth it .