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Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival

Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival is a Music Festival that help young NI Vanuatu to help them promote their Custom And Culture in Music.

Here is a message from the committee, please read and support.

The vision of the Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival is to help create a harmonious, clean & safe environment in Santo by using modern and traditional music as a tool for communication and education.

We are working hard to ensure that this third festival will be as successful as the first and second, both in helping to look after Santo’s environment and in making it an attractive place for tourists to visitors while at the same time raising the level of artistic development in youth. There has been a noticeable decrease in crime in Santo in recent years thanks to the level of work carried among Luganville youth by various NGOs. Festivals such as this provide not only an educational tool, but an outlet for youth while entertaining families.

A special aspect of this year’s festival will be the participation this year of an extra 60 musicians from Europe, Mozambique, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, West Papua, Réunion, and Europe, who will work together with musicians from all over Vanuatu during a 10-day camp in the Santo bush. The shows they create will be used for performances in the bush, at the Hospital, the Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival , followed by performances at Fest’Napuan in Port Vila.

For this event to be successful, we are working with youth, communities and businesses. We would be most grateful for your assistance.

All sponsors will be acknowledged over the radio, in the newspapers, on banners at the festival site and in announcements during and before the festival.

Here are the list of sponsors to the festival so far( A – Z ).

– Aqua Club
– Barrier beach.
– Chinese Restaurant
– Fiesta Fishing Charter
– First National Real Estate
– Hibiscus Motel
– Hotel Santo
– KD Enterprises
– Oyester Island Resort
– Santo Hardware
– Santo Island Dive
– Sethy Louis
– Unity Shell
– Velit Bay
– Vanuatu Hardware
– Village de Santo
– Vui
– Wreck to Rainforest

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to your assistance.

Yours faithfully,

Esrom Tavo MOLISA
Chairman, Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival Committee
Mob: 7771188Lukaotemgud Santo Festival