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Air Taxi Vanuatu is part of the Vanuatu Air Charters Group. It had its beginnings in 2007 when two pilots, Wayne Allport and Simon Turner decided to start their own airline. They purchased and then flew a Maule Seaplane off the Waitara River, near New Plymouth, New Zealand and ferried it 1300 naut1cal miles to Port Vila in Vanuatu.

The Company, then known as Vanuatu Seaplanes flew scenic fights and volcano tours from the beach off Iririki Island in Port Vila Harbour for several years.

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Why Choose Air Taxi for your tour to Tanna Volcano?

  • Strictest Safety Standards
  • We include a scenic flight over Mt Yasur Volcano with all our Overnight Tours to Tanna, with a cash back guarantee. This means that if, for whatever reason, the scenic flight over the volcano cannot be carried out, we will give you a refund of VT2,000 (about $25) per person.
  • The flight path we take is far more scenically interesting than Port Vila to Tanna Airport direct. This route flies directly over Erromango Island and allows you to see the isolated north and east coasts of Tanna Island, the John Frum Cargo Cult Village and Port Resolution where Captain Cook first dropped anchor after seeing the glow of Mt Yasur Volcano.
  • All our aircraft are high-wing, to ensure the best views of the sights below. This is especially important for the scenic flight over Mt Yasur Volcano.
  • Small passenger numbers means personal attention to each & every client.
  • The convenience of not having to wait around for a scheduled flight service.
  • No “aisle seats”.
  • No arduous check-in formalities.
  • Price beat guarantee


Vanuatu Volcano Overnight Tour from Port Vila to Tanna Island’s Mt Yasur Volcano

It is generally agreed that the Mt Yasur Volcano is best viewed at night; the explosive molten magma displays are truly awesome. Our Tanna Overnight Tour from Port Vila allows you to view the volcano both during the daytime and after dark, when the natural fireworks show is at its most spectacular.

After departure from Port Vila, we set course direct to Mt Yasur Volcano, on the south eastern side of Tanna Island. This track takes you directly over exotic Erromango Island, which is about half way to Tanna. Once we reach the north coast of Tanna we fly you down the rarely visited east coast, towards Mt Yasur Volcano. After a few minutes, the volcano ash plain comes into view, then Mt Yasur Volcano itself. You are then treated to an aerial view right down into its fiery heart. Peering down into an active volcano is sure to be one of the most incredible sights you will ever witness from the air. We then swoop low over remote villages on approach to Tanna Airport.

After landing on Tanna, you will be transferred to your resort for check-in, before heading off on the extraordinary Mt Yasur Volcano Safari. Upon reaching the volcano, your experienced guide will walk with you to the crater’s edge, for a sunset to remember and one of the most breath-taking natural shows you’re ever likely to witness!
Later on, relax and enjoy a night at one of Tanna’s best resorts, Evergreen Resort. The next morning, after breakfast, you’ll be transferred to Tanna Airport to board your aircraft. Approximately one hour later, you will touch down in Port Vila, stocked with sensational photos and unforgettable memories.
A tour to Tanna Volcano is a once in a lifetime “bucket list” experience. It’s not often in life you get the chance to witness such a spectacle. Visitors to Tanna Volcano come from all walks of life. The tour is suitable for all ages. Don’t be afraid of the climb to the top of the volcano as it is not arduous or long.
Our Overnight Tour now includes a FREE Scenic Flight OVER Mt Yasur!


Vanuatu Volcano Day Tour from Port Vila to Tanna Island’s Mt Yasur Volcano

A tour to Tanna Island to view Vanuatu’s famous Mt Yasur Volcano is an experience of a lifetime. Mt Yasur Volcano, on the southern Vanuatu island of Tanna, is probably the archipelago’s most iconic landmark, and justly so. The locals cannot remember a time when Tanna Volcano wasn’t coughing up its blazing entrails, shooting lava bombs and a volcanic ash cloud hundreds of meters into the air, every few minutes. Leaving Vanuatu without having witnessed ‘up close and personal’ the Mt Yasur Volcano fireworks phenomena is akin to not seeing the Eiffel Tower when visiting Paris!

Our Day Tour now includes a Scenic Flight OVER Mt Yasur!

Tanna – Mt Yasur Volcano Best of Tanna Tour

Tanna – Mt Yasur Volcano Best of Tanna Tour
Vanuatu Volcano Best of Tanna Tour from Port Vila to Tanna Island’s Mt Yasur Volcano

Tanna Day Tour Experience
Custom Black Magic Village Visit
Twilight Flyover of the Volcano

The Best of Tanna combines the Tanna Day Tour experience with the famous Custom Black Magic Village Tour, as well as a late departure from Tanna for a flyover of the volcano at twilight, allowing you a spectacular view of the lava as the sun dips low on the horizon.

Tanna is an island lost in time where ancient customs are still practiced today. On the Black Magic Village Visit you will get to experience a snap shot of the fascinating custom life of these incredible people.
This is a best-of-all-worlds experience. As well as discovering some secrets of village life on Tanna, you will get to stand on the edge of Mt Yasur Volcano during the day time. On the return flight from Tanna you will see the volcano at twilight and be back in time for dinner and margaritas at your resort in Port Vila.

Tours operate on demand.
Flights fill up fast so early booking is recommended.
Closed shoes recommended.
Bring your favourite snacks.
Pack sunscreen.
In winter, bring a warm top.
Bring a tripod if you’re a keen photographer.
5kg bag limit per person (in soft bags).
Airport taxes (Vt400 per person) not included.
Bring a suitable amount of cash for drinks (time permitting), postcards & souvenirs.
Surcharge for passengers 115kgs+, maximum weight 130kgs.

For Bookings & Inquiries, you can contact the Air Taxi Vanuatu by phone: (+678)5544206 or by simply filling the form below.To avoid disappointment Wotz On! Vanuatu recommends booking directly. Tours in vanuatu are subject to change or cancellation depending on availability or weather.
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