Ekasup Cultural Village – Day Tour

Ekasup has served to demonstrate to many thousands of visitors the real Melanesian treasury of skills that has been survived for thousands of years. This Tour is a must to see! An amazing adventure

Ekasup Cultural Village | Day Tour

Tour Duration – 2 hours

Days of Operation – Monday to Sunday

Tour Times – 09:00 am & 2:00 pm

Upon arrival, you are greeted by a native tribesman who takes you on a 5 min walk through a tropical rain forest to his village,“EKASUP CULTURAL VILLAGE”. There you are greeted by The Chief of the Village who invites you to discover their cultural and traditional lifestyle. This is a great opportunity to learn and experience their ancestral’s way of life. This includes experiencing: – Food Preservation – Weaving Mats/Baskets/Hats – Hunting Traps – Fishing Technics – Preparation of Laplap (Local Dish) – Natural Medecine and Many More

“Great way to discover the Culture of Vanuatu”