Pentecost Authentic Land diving Tour


Discover the original Lonwaren culture and learn about the initial performance by a woman and how it has been developed into only a men’s performance.

The original Lonwaren jump is performed only three times per year or in three sequences, prior to and during the yam harvest.

The sequences are known as MATLIUT (ceremony announcing the drying of yam vines), KIMRUSBANIKANANARAM (ceremony announcing the approaching yam harvest) and MEKATRERAMA (celebrating the actual yam harvest and eating of the new yam).
The jumps are scheduled according to the ceremony for these three months:

There are now only 2 jump dates remaining!
18th June – 15 spots remaining
25th June – 25 spots remaining

Your 1 hour charter flight from Port Vila takes you into Lonorore Airport where you then catch a 15 minute ride to Lonwaren your host village and then you return to the airport to catch your flight back to Port Vila.

Tour Duration – Approx 8hrs – pickup at 0730, checkin at 0800, drop off at 1530
Remaining Tour dates for 2016 18th & 25th June

Cost- VT46,000 & VT31,000 for children (Under 12yrs)
Inclusive: Return airfares (Vila/Lonoroe/Vila), transfers Vila & Pentecost, Picnic lunch, Scenic flight over Ambrym Volcano (Weather permitting) Jump entrance fee ,Tour Guide,

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