Sleeping Mountain Tour


Product Description

Do you like hiking? Then the sleeping mountain tour is for you.
Put on your hiking shoes a be guided by a friendly local up the steep terrain of sleeping mountain. Some areas are quite steep requiring the use of a guide rope. You will stop for a re-freshing coconut half way up. Near the top you will be greeted by the mountains guardians & granted access to the mountain top. The chief will explain the custom story of Sleeping mountain & it’s cultural significance.
After this, put your faith in your tour guide by being led blind-folded to the edge of the cliff (In line with the custom story) When your blindfold is removed the grand view is revealed.
Tour Duration: 3 hours
1 x Adult 5,000
2 x Adults 4,000 vt per person
10-17 yrs 2,500 vt each
Not suitable for children under 10 years of age.

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