Twin Waterfall Tours


Product Description

The Twin waterfalls are one of Mother natures unique creations. What makes the twin waterfalls so unique is not only that there are two water falls but that they are located right next to the ocean.

In a remarkable display, cold water crashes continuously into a beautiful pool then on into the sea. It’s a fairly isolated location & you are likely to have the whole place to yourself (and tour-guide) An experienced tour guide will pick you up from Sola in Vanua Lava or Mota Lava Island & bring you back in the afternoon.
There is deep anchorage close-by making it a popular destination for passing yachts. There is also basic bungalow accommodation located at the waterfalls if you would like to stay overnight.
On the tour you will also see a large 200mt waterfall & a large endless cave big enough for the boat to go right inside & take photos!.
Tour includes light refreshments.
Tour Duration: 4 hours
1 x adult – 20,000 vt
2 x adults – 25,000 vt
3 x adults – 30,000 vt
4 x adults – 35,000 vt
5 x adults – 40,000 vt
Family of 4 price – 30,000 vt

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