Under Water Post

Hideaway Island Port Vila – The home of the worlds only underwater Post Office.

The world’s only underwater post office lets you buy a waterproof postcard on land, fill it out and dive into the ocean to mail it, and you don’t even need diving experience. The Post Office has mailbags (filled with sand) inside adding a bit of fun, and you can enter the Post Office giving your travel buddy a chance to capture you acting as their latest Post Office Master.  The post box to send mail is right next to the Post Office. Slip your postcard inside, and at the end of each day, the resort divers empty the mailbox preparing it Vanuatu Post to collect and send to your destination. How cool is that!!

Hideaway Island is located just off the coast on Efate close to Port Vila. It’s so close to the main island that you can walk across easily at low tide. You can get there by taxi or bus. Being so close to Port Vila its easy to get to and from Hideaway Island Boat Ramp.

It’s a fun adventure for everybody!



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