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The 2019 line up, Will consist of live acts and over 20 DJs, both local and international from Australia and New Caledonie such as KENSIDE, DARKNESS, DAROC,AYCUZ, PXL, DJ Hans, TYTL and DJ LITTLE K. Some of the local favourite Djs that you can expect to see are Anonymous, K2, Psyklone, Taskman, and Tuff Tumas.

The show kicks of at 4pm and will run well into the night, with entertainment on two stages. Club Lit will host a cosier stage with a more intimate set up while the old BP wharf will hold a bigger stage due to the space available. The Djs will have 30-45min sessions which promises to showcase many different styles of music that is sure to keep the part-loving crowd of Vanuatu entertained. Our only word of advice would be to prepare ypur best or funniest outfit, leave your valuables at home, wear suitable footwear abd be prepared to dance the night away.

Tickets are in the form of wristbands which are now on sale only at three location -Digicel Downtown, Numba 2 store and Burger Station, Tana Russet. These are limited so get in quick bofore they run out.

An event like this is not possible without the help of sponsors so a big Tank Yu TUMAS to our main sponsors -Tusker (VBL), FM98 and Digicel, also to our other sponsors who have contributed in various way. Thank you also to the various goverment departments and individuals who have helped with the permits and approvals for this year’s festival. A big thank you also to the Honourable Minister Ralph Regenvanu for this continued support.

We look foward to seeing as many people as possible at the 2019 Vanuatu DJ Festival.

International Djs from Sydney Australia: Reggie Datta (Dj Darkness), Danny Da Rocha (DJ Daroc) & Arnold Packer (Dj Aycuz)

DJ Darkness, DJ Daroc anf DJ Aycuz have been DJing for up to 8 years, and are three of the best RnB and House/EDM DJs in Sydney. Between the three of them, they have played hundreds of shows and DJ’d at the biggest events and clubs in Sydney. This includes Marquee, Ivy, Home Nightclub, Watershed, The Mill, Candys, H Nightclub, Miami Fridays and numerous functions, cooperate events, gyms, restaurants,

Reggie (DJ Darkness) specialises in the most unique RnB/House and EDM Mashups and bangers which gets the crowd going crazy every time.Danny (DJ Daroc) and Arnold (DJ Aycuz) both specialise in RnB/Hip Hop and can play all Genres (open format). They are also 2 of the best scratch artists and in 2017 they had scratch showcase in Vanuatu teaching people how to scratch. DJ Daroc will be also starting a spin Skool in Sydney, teaching kids and adults how to DJ in all genres and how to scratch.

The three of them will be back this year to headline the Vanuatu DJ Festival 2019.