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Vanuatu Dj Festival

vanuatu dj festival

If your summer holiday ideal consists of sipping drinks by the beach side and partying till dawn then Vanuatu DJ Festival is the place for you.

Experience the warm tropical island with great food, amazing beaches and the beautiful Vanuatu Culture. Spend your day relaxing and meet the friendly locals and then take part on the awesome party at night.

Vanuatu DJ Festival is only the biggest and well organized party of all time. Bringing people from everywhere together to party till dawn!

Voted the happiest place on earth, Vanuatu is considered a safe alternative place for any festival. First epic episode of Dj festival is hosted in the BAR BREWERY RESTAURANT  & The LOFT  2012 and 2013, the following year, 2014, BEEF HOUSE RESTAURANT & OLYMPIC HOTEL TERRACE. On 2015 & 2016 @ MOORINGS HOTEL  and the last 2 years at Club Lit same as this year 2019 will be hosting another epic party. Every year they make it memorable for those who are part of it. The biggest Dj Festival night club in Port Vila town!

Hottest Djs from Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Some popular Djs around the pacific is Dj Christonie from Fiji, Dj Teiho from New Caledonia and Dj Alexiis  from Vanuatu.

International celebrities, and many more.

vanuatu dj festival vanuatu dj festival vanuatu dj festival

Photo Credits: Groovy Banana

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vanuatu dj festival