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Vanuatu Life & Style


Nusumetu Ecotourism Tour-An Adventure that makes a difference

Tread lightly and leave no trace. The Nusumetu community invites you on a storytelling adventure where culture and kastom meet pristine nature on an ecotourism tour through the lush rainforest…More


Feel the rhythm of Ambrym – the adventure island

Tap into the adventurous vibe of Ambrym island and get carried away by the enchanting beat of the tamtam and the bamboo flutes. This island has much to offer away from the usual ‘feet in the sand’ getaway and leaves adventurous, inquisitive travellers well satisfied, whether they come to hike the volcanoes, or witness Ambrym’s living, breathing culture…More


Make a dash for the Maskelyne canoe race Festival

Settled into their outrigger canoes, the competitors eagerly wait for the signal to indicate that the race is about to begin. This is an exciting time for the racers who have been training daily just for this two-day event. Most of the canoe racers had carved their own canoes and paddles from scratch and now is the time when their canoe-making and paddling skills will be put to the test…More


Dive into the traditions of the Nagol Land Diving Festival

Perched on the edges of their individual platforms on the Nagol tower in Ratap village, south Pentecost Island, there’s a palpable feeling of nervous excitement amongst the group of land divers as they wait for the start of the ceremony, which is signalled by the kastom dancing and singing…More


Experience Enchanting Emae.

Tropical rainforest, sandy beaches, rolling hills, beautiful people, great hospitality and great food– Emae island has it all. Just a 30 minute flight from Port-Vila, this stunning island is the perfect place to go to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. And the best part: a trip to Emae Island is affordable and easy to organize…More


Happy Campers: Five reason to go camping this Easter.

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Vanuatu, many of us also love spending Easter out camping with family and friends, and most commonly, our church groups. Easter is the perfect opportunity to pull out your tent, camp chairs, and wire blong rus to go and enjoy some outdoor socializing with friends and family…More


Switim sweetheart blong yu this Valentine’s Day

Whatever your budget, Vanuatu’s tourism business can help spice up your love life this Valentine’s Day…More


The moment you follow the leader

Hiking and trekking in Vanuatu
As you might expect from a jungle-covered archipelago, Vanuatu has some of the best tropical trekking in the world. Where else can you hike to the rim of an active volcano, sleep in kastom villages or cool off under roaring waterfall? From half-day hikes on the main island to multi-day jungle treks on the outer rim, there some truly epic scenery to explore in Vanuatu…More


Explore the Island of Adventure

Tanna truly punches above its weight in the sheer breadth and diversity of what it has to offer tourists. Sure, it has Mt Yasur (you can’t visit Tanna and not see the volcano)…More


Marvellous Malekula

Malekula is Vanuatu’s second largest island, jam-packed with rich cultures, welcoming people and lush, waterfall-laden rainforests, small island and coasts to explore…More


Our Best-Kept Secret

Torba Province is Vanuatu’s best kept secret. Famous for white sandy beaches, world-class fresh seafood, unique cultures and kastoms and dense rainforests, our nothern islands are utterly unique and stunningly spectacular. A visist to any of the islands of the Torres or the Banks groups is well worth saving up for. As a visitor you will be rewarded with deep and sincere hospitality, and experiences that you will savour for the rest of your days…More


Dive into Espiritu Santo

You named it, and Espiritu Santo and its offshore islands have it: powdery white sandy beaches, palm trees and calm waves lapping at the shore…More


Time Out In Taleva

Efate Taleva coast is just 45 minutes’drive from Port Vila,but it’s a million miles away from all of the stresses of town life…More


Iririki Island History – Vanuatu 40th Year Of Independence

In 1910- The first British Hospital in the New Hebrides was established on iririki Island in memory of the well-known Presbyterian missionary John G Paton…More

Issue -58- June-2020

Hot deals for locals

Brought to you by the Vanuatu Tourism Office…More


“Years and years ago when I first started surfing, I recall being in the line-up and one of the boys yelled at me. He completely berated me for being in the ocean to surf, telling me that it was not my place there nor was it a sport for girls. He said I should be at home cooking, doing the laundry and cleaning. I cried.” reminisces Resmah Kalotiti of her early experiences of surfing at Pango village…More


Regardless of where you want to get married, the whole point is to share a memorable time with loved ones. Some people however, tend to be picky and want to feature something big and unique, that outshines other weddings. There is nothing wrong with that, after all it is your special day, might as well make it worth remembering… More


In the Pacific, a burning flame in the dark symbolizes a way forward, where it reveals a path and guides its followers by the light. From time, each island has been known for preserving their prestige culture and traditions, keeping it alive after many years…More


Former Australia Rugby League captain, Cameron Smith, was delighted to see the raw rugby league talents as he opened the Port- Vila Rugby League Life and Style 9s tournament at Korman Stadium on November 29…More


The eight edition of the Vanuatu DJ Festival will take place on Saturday 23rd of November at club Lit and the adjacent old BP wharf. For the last eight years, the show has been feauturing the Sound Tribe Krew, the original artists from the very first DJ festival and this year is no exception. As the festival grows from strenght every year, so does our fan base making it the biggest party of the year…More

Issue-52- Oct-2019

In the 21st Century, Vanuatu has
evolved in the art of music with
melodramatic improvements in
musical forms and styles.
Like a painting in an art gallery
which can lure you with its visual
exquisiteness is impartially
compared to a singer or performer
on stage ….. More

Issue-51 – Sep-2019

It’s that time again. The grooves are getting under way this week as Fest’Napuan returns for another memory-making week. This year’s festival features new faces and old, with musicians and singers from New Zealand, Australia, PNG, New Caledonia, Solomon islands and from all over Vanuatu… More

Issue-50 – August 2019

A record crowd turned out to this year’s Independence celebrations in downtown Port Vila. One veteran observer, who has quite literally seen them all, reported that this was the largest crowd since the first one in July 1980.  Stalls lined the entire showground was brisk as an estimated 5,000 people bought nibbles and juice – and later in the evening, other refreshments – under a perfectly sunny sky. More

Issue-49 – Jul-2019

One of the most influential festivals of the year, the Namatan Short Film Festival has reached its finale, taking to stage a series of originally made film entertainments throughout an evening under the stars which featured all production films enrolled this year… More

Issue 48 – Jun-2019

Decades after it was born as a courageous band of actors with—literally—nothing but one small bag of props to work with, Wan Smolbag theatre has become a creative powerhouse with a raft of entertaining, insightful and soul-building shows. This year opens with three big events: A new workshop production led by acclaimed British director Laurie Samson; a sprawling, energetic drama exploring the lives of Port Vila’s market vendors titled “ol Mama’; and a re-imagining of last year’s marquee production, ‘Heart Problem’… More