Vanuatu Life & Style

Issue 50 – August 2019

A record crowd turned out to this year’s Independence celebrations in downtown Port Vila. One veteran observer, who has quite literally seen them all, reported that this was the largest crowd since the first one in July 1980.  Stalls lined the entire showground was brisk as an estimated 5,000 people bought nibbles and juice – and later in the evening, other refreshments – under a perfectly sunny sky. More

Issue 49 – July 2019

One of the most influential festivals of the year, the Namatan Short Film Festival has reached its finale, taking to stage a series of originally made film entertainments throughout an evening under the stars which featured all production films enrolled this year… More

Issue 48 – June 2019

Decades after it was born as a courageous band of actors with—literally—nothing but one small bag of props to work with, Wan Smolbag theatre has become a creative powerhouse with a raft of entertaining, insightful and soul-building shows. This year opens with three big events: A new workshop production led by acclaimed British director Laurie Samson; a sprawling, energetic drama exploring the lives of Port Vila’s market vendors titled “ol Mama’; and a re-imagining of last year’s marquee production, ‘Heart Problem’… More