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Watermark Restaurant Iririki

Opening hours

  • 6:30pm to 10:00pm

Located on the Iririki beachfront, Watermark restaurant provides guests with a unique dining experience, overlooking magnificent views of Port Vila Harbour. The Asian-inspired menu integrates a fusion of flavours from the Pacific and afar to satisfy the discerning diner.

Our Executive Chef, Dikpal has worked in many kitchens across the world (Dubai, The Maldives and Nepal to name a few). In his travels Dikpal has picked up a wealth of culinary knowledge, which is reflected in the international influence of the Watermark menu.

Watermark Restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, ranging from tandoori prawns to lamb kebabs. The tasting plates are Dikpal’s personal favourite and a must try for visitors with an international palette.

An exquisite Asian buffet is also available on Saturday nights which combines a delicious selection of Asian dishes. We would recommend tasting a little bit of everything!


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