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Wilco Island Relay


This year The Wilco Island Relay will take place on Sat 11th July. It is a 10 leg relay race around the Island of Efate for 10 runners. There are several categories to enter from the serious to the social runners who are there to be part of a special event. There are a range of distances from the legs at the beginning which are shorter but contain hills to the longer flatter sections at the finish. When you’re not running you travel close to your team on a bus to support them along the way.

To Download your entry form click here


School Press Release

It is on again The Wilco Round the Island Relay 2015
Saturday 11th of July
For Schools we will repeat last year’s successful course and look forward to more Schools entering the event.
The Course
• Turn Right outside of Wilco Main Entry
• Proceed down Hill
• Turn Right at Roundabout
• Past Stadium
• Turn Right At Cemetery
• Turn Right at Au Bon Mache Freshwata
• Turn Right at Stop Press
• Final Turn Right into Wilco Main Entry Gate (Total distance approx…2 klm).
Entry is free, yet you must have a School Representative sign off for the Race Rules.
Prize Money.100, 000 vatu to give away in vouchers for the first three teams.
The Race will start at 12.00pm at Wilco.
It is also important to stress that the Race to be fair is open to Children under 15 years old and it will be at the judgement of the Race Officials to determine if a child is older than 15 years.
Wilco looks forward to an exciting and fun event for both Children, Parents and Supporters.


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